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Some advanced features of JMARS require a JMARS login. It is free and you can get it by filling out minimal information here

  • For Beginning Users: Click on the name of your operating system in the list below to download JMARS
  • For Experienced Users: If you already have Java 1.5 or later installed, you can also install JMARS using the WebStart version, which will automatically update your software as new versions of JMARS are made available.
  • For Advanced Users: You can also download the JMARS jar file, which is the raw program executable.

System Requirements

The JMARS client is designed to be compact, but it does pull a large amount of data from the servers at ASU's Mars Space Flight Facility and must handle that data on the user's machine once it has been downloaded. Therefore, the minimum recommended system requirements are:

  • Windows/Mac/Linux Computer (required) Chromebooks and mobile devices aren't supported at this time.
  • High Speed Internet Connection (recommended)
  • Minimum 4GB memory, 8GB (recommended)
  • 1366x768 minimum resolution, 1920x1080 (recommended)

Download JMARS for Earth


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Instructions for Installing JMARS:  Windows | MacOS | Linux

Video Instructions for Installing JMARS:  Windows | MacOS | Linux

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