Session Files

Session Files allow users to save their current JMARS configuration and settings to a file, which can then be used to restart JMARS at a later time with the given configuration and settings already in place. Since many of these settings are account-dependent, users must log back into the session using the same username and password.

Save JMARS Configuration to a Session File

  1. Navigate to the menu bar at the top of the JMARS windwo, chose "File" -> "Save Session As...", then specify a directory and name for the session file.
  2. The session file will record: 
    • Open layers in the Layer Manager
    • Parameters and preferences set in each of the open focus panels
    • Center location and the zoom of the Main and Panning Views

Open JMARS with a Session File

  1. On the command line, specify the path and session file name as an argument.

 >jmars path/session_file_name.jmars