Version Release Date Summary
Release 1.22 Wed, 2010-09-08

This is a minor release. JMARS now automatically saves the place history and active layers once per minute; you may choose to restore the last autosave when logging in. This release fixes some issues with THEMIS VIS ABR image rendering, shape area...

Release 1.21 Fri, 2010-09-03

This release adds some exciting new features. The stamp layer can render and plot full resolution HiRISE DTMs. The shape layer can now work with circles, and has a vastly improved ESRI shp reader that can handle projected shapefiles and much larger...

Release 1.20 Mon, 2010-05-17

This release addresses numerous user interface issues, extends KML and CSV support, includes a lookup table operator to aid in symbolizing shape files, and adds a threshold operation to hide map pixels above, at, or below some threshold value.

Release 1.19 Mon, 2010-03-15

This release greatly improves the stability and performance of several features in the map, stamp, and shape layers, and adds initial support for reading KML files into the shape layer.

Release 1.18 Wed, 2010-01-13

This release adds HiRISE Anaglyphs to the stamp layers, fixes several serious issues in the map and stamp layers, and more.

Release 1.17 Sat, 2009-11-07

This release includes updated nomenclature data, an option to disable the panner view, TES context import/export options, several fixes to restoring saved JMARS sessions, and a number of other stability and rendering fixes.

Release 1.16 Tue, 2009-10-27

This release of JMARS allows users to pull stamps into HSV or RGB blends in the map layer, to load stamps that overlap stamps in an existing stamp layer, and includes a number of user interface and stability improvements in the crater counting, map,...

Release 1.15 Wed, 2009-09-09

This is a minor bug fix release. It fixes an authentication issue for Webstart users with non-US English operating systems, and includes several minor changes to the new crater counting layer. Included in these are a new transparency option on the...

Release 1.14 Fri, 2009-09-04

This is a major release, providing a dozen new features all over JMARS and closing over 50 issues. There are two new layers. The map scalebar shows a distance scale bar in the corner of the map. The crater counter provides an efficient user...

Release 1.14 Tue, 2009-06-30

This is a major release, providing dozens of new features all over JMARS and closing over 50 issues:

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