JMARS 5.3.13 update is now available!

Learn about the changes that we've made to JMARS in the latest release

Greetings JMARS users!
Version 5.3.13 of JMARS 5 has just been released!
Updated version includes:

    UI Updates:
    • Custom Shapes: 'Focus panel': add 'Save Features As' to the "File" menu,
      in addition to keeping it under the "Features" menu, so that users can easily find how to 'save' Features.
    • Custom Shapes - bug fix: accurately restore file names for the feature collections when loading a
      previously saved JMARS session.
    • Startup Options: Added the startup option for 'Disable 3D' to the configuration settings.
      Included 'Disable 3D' setting with the auto-generated Help Report.
    • Startup Option: Startup with 3D disabled can now be saved as a config value.
    • STable: Users can now export table data

To Update from within JMARS 5:
In JMARS 5, locate the "Help" tab at the top of the screen, click it Click "Check for Updates" OR when the login screen pops up, click "Check for Updates" in the top right hand corner.