JMARS 5.3.3 update is now available!

Greetings JMARS users!

Products Released: JMARS Public/THEMIS Team/Earth/EMM/EMM Planning : Version 5.3.3 of JMARS 5 has just been released!


This updated version includes:

  • UI Updates:
    • Introducing UI "Light" mode. Users now can have a choice of a dark or a light UI mode. Use JMARS menu 'Options --> UI Theme --> Light mode' to select desired mode; follow the prompt to restart JMARS for a newly selected mode to take effect.

    • Updates to the overlay/main layers split pane. Drag handles added to the split pane dividers on main/panner/overlays.


To Update from within JMARS 5:

In JMARS 5, locate the "Help" tab at the top of the screen, click it Click "Check for Updates" OR when the login screen pops up, click "Check for Updates" in the top right hand corner.