JMARS 5.2.12 update is now available!

Greetings JMARS users!

Version 5.2.12 of JMARS 5 has just been released!


Updated version includes:

  • Stamp/Spot Layer Export: New Export option to include the footprint geometry along with the other metadata from the table.

  • Crater Counter Layer: Added support for the 2014 CraterStats export format.

  • UI Changes - Latitude/longitude layout: The user can now specify the type of layout that they would like to see for both latitude and longitude systems. The choices for longitude are:
    • Positive East (0 to 360)
    • Positive East (-180 to 180)
    • Positive West (0 to 360)
    • Positive West (-180 to 180)
  • The choices for latitude:
    • Ocentric
    • Ographic
  • Find selections for the Longitude and Latitude under JMARS "Options" - Screen shots below.


  • Bug Fixes


To Update from within JMARS 5:

In JMARS 5, locate the "Help" tab at the top of the screen, click it Click "Check for Updates" OR when the login screen pops up, click "Check for Updates" in the top right hand corner.