Info Panel Updates

The info panel tab on the layer manager has been moved to an icon on the Layer information window.



Open the Layer Options Panel.

  1. Double click the layer to open the Layer's Options window. 
  2. To get to the info panel, locate the " i " icon and click it.  

  3. Image:infoPanel_icon.png

3. The info panel should open.  




4. To close the info panel, click the "Close info" button.




5. To make the info panel an independent window, you can click the "Layer Information" button. 


Image:info_layerInfobutton.png         Image:info_bothwindows.png


6. To dock the window, click the dock button.




7. To undock the panel, click the tab in the layer manager and drag it out of the layer manager. 


Below is the video tutorial on the info panel changes: