JMARS 3.8.5 has been released


Version 3.8.5 of JMARS has just been released with a new layer for running KRC in JMARS (Please be advised this is a beta version of this layer).

KRC is a powerful tool for calculating temperature data on Mars and other planetary bodies (for now only Mars is available in JMARS). Learn more about KRC at

The new KRC Layer in JMARS allows users to select a location on Mars and see temperature data for that location. As you will notice, KRC requires many inputs. JMARS assists you in determining values for those inputs by collection data from sources available in JMARS (similar to map sampling in the Custom Shape Layer). The result of running KRC will be graphs showing the temperatures throughout the day at a particular Ls (season) or the temperature throughout the year for a specific hour of the day. The graphs and data are all available for download for use outside of JMARS.

When the KRC Layer is selected click on the main view to create a new KRC location. Double-click on the layer to enter the focus panel and work with the KRC functions. Please note that the KRC model breaks down when frost is present on the ground. This is mostly an issue near the poles (please visit for more information on KRC).