JMARS 5 Video Tutorials

The JMARS tutorials are a nice way to watch and learn different techniques in JMARS. They cover the basics as well as some advanced skills.

The JMARS 5 videos will continue to be created. You can also reference JMARS 4 tutorials but some features may have changed.

JMARS Video Tutorials

Updated Tutorials Will continue to come!

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Curious what the differences are from JMARS 4 to JMARS 5? Watch this tutorial to walk through the main changes.
Learn where to find important information, tutorials, resources and more.
We've moved the info panel! Check out this short video to see the changes to the info panel.
Check out the new Login window on JMARS5! You can now see announcements, reach our social media and go straight to the website from the login page. Visit our facebook, twitter and homepage today!
JMARS5 Introduction : Check out the new look and feel of the JMARS5 version. This video mainly goes over the layer manager. Learn all about layers as you add them to JMARS, the main view, the panner view, lon/lat coordinates and more!
This video focus' on the main interface of the JMARS5 version. Some featured topics go over the new look and feel of the main interface.
Learn how to add a new layer to JMARS, search for maps and maps to your favorites list.
The toolbar hosts many tools to help ease your experience. Learn all about these tools with this tutorial.
Resizing JMARS window
Learn how to resize the JMARS window to view the full surface of the body. You can resize the window to view 0 to 360 or -180 to 180.
landscape search tool
Wondering where you can find a specific landmark but don't know the location or the exact name? Learn how to use the new landmark search tool to find what you're looking for.
Add maps and stamps to the 3D Viewer. In this tutorial you will learn how to use the 3D Viewer.
contour Lines
Learn how to add contour lines to numeric maps!
Check out the 3D Layer and learn how to see your data in 3D.
Available for JMARS 5.2.0 and higher. We have new updates to the profile line tool! Check out all the cool changes!
Draw an ellipse using your mouse instead of 5 point ellipses. This video shows you how easy it is to draw an ellipse in JMARS./left>
Learn the many ways to edit an ellipse. Learn how to edit using the keys, mouse and feature table.
Introduction to Circular Ellipses. This tutorial goes over what they are, why you might want them and how to draw them.
Learn about the high resolution export in this video.
Available for JMARS 5.3.1 and higher. Learn how to add geologic fills to custom shapes!
Learn how to upload your own image into JMARS with the Custom Map Manager
A great tutorial by Cherlana Bridgewater, a student at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. This tutorial goes over downloading JMARS, opening JMARS, a few basics of what you see and how to draw a profile plot that shows thermal inertia data.
How to query stamps with the new stamp dialog!
Add a filter to your loaded stamps.
This tutorial shows how to create multiple radial profiles on craters.
The Focus Panel has new functionality! Learn all about the ability to add the M, P, 3D and Opacity settings to your focus panel
The Polygon Functions has a new tool! Learn how to add buffers to polygons.
Want to export pixel data? Learn how to export pixel data in an area of interest.