Draw profile lines using numeric data sources

This tutorial will show how you can create profile lines using numeric maps!

Activate the profile layer:

  1. Open the Advanced Profile Layer:
    • The profile line layer is always in the "Overlay" section of the layer manager.

    • Click on the profile layer to view the info panel before we draw any profiles.

    • Close the info panel and activate the profile line tool by clicking on the profile line tool in the toolbar.
  2. Draw a profile line:
    • To draw a line, move the cursor to the main view and click one time to continue the line and two times to end the profile line.

    • Draw multiple lines in the mainview, each line should show as a different color.

    • View the profile lines that have been drawn by double clicking the Profile Line Layer in the layer manager.

    Edit/review the profile line:

    • The color of the line can be changed by selecting the desired profile row and clicking the color bar. This will open many colors to select from.

    • The profile line title can also be changed easily. Click on the profile column to enter new text.
    • The title, axis and many more can be edited by right-clicking the screen and selecting "Properties"

    • This opens up another dialog with three different tabs. Each tab has additional options to personalize the profile line.

    Additional Options:
      Delete/Open an individual profile line:
    • Put the cursor near the profile line and right-click the profile line to get additional options.