Earth: 2013-06-07

J-Earth has been updated to 3.0.4. Check out some of the new updates!

Updated features include:

- minor change that will allow users to use Body->reset layers to reset layers to JMARS default/startup state
- minor bug fix in the interaction of the Main view and Panner views
- more graceful error handling when loading a saved session
- removed the ESRI option from the list for loading/saving in the shape layer. The Geo tools ESRI option is the replacement
- lower right corner coordinates added to the high resolution export tool including new UI functionality for setting export height and width
- update to how image corners (lat/lon) are specified in high resolution export
- added CSV export and look and feel changes to the Investigate tool
- improved communication between the Stamp Layer and backend databases
- Add Layer UI look and feel improvements
- UI look and feel updates to the add, load, and save layer functions
- improvement to Stamp Layer filtering of lat/lon values
- improved 3D layer functionality

Please report any issues using Help->Report A Problem from the JMARS Main window or visit our Forums page.

Release Date: 
Fri, 2013-06-07