There were big changes made to the 3D Layer and the Pixel export functionality!

Pixel Export:

  • You can now add the longitude and latitude values for each pixel in your export.
  • Want to add multiple map sources to your pixel export? Now you can! For example, if you wanted to add MOLA Elevation values and TES data to one export, you can. Each data source is separated by column. Check out the tutorial Click Here
  • The user interface has also been updated to accommodate for the additional functionality
  • 3D Layer Functionality:

  • If you're interested in saving out a 3D printer file, you can now export an stl file directly from the 3D layer.
  • Stamp data can be used as an elevation source for the 3D Layer.
  • The user interface has been updated on the 3D Viewer Options window and the Numeric Map Source Selection. When finding a map source, there is a new "Filter" that allows you to search for a particular map source. Additionally, you can search for your map source by clicking on the "All" , "Elevation", "Stamp" (if you have stamps loaded in your layer manager) and "Custom" (if you are signed in and you have previously uploaded custom maps). Check out the tutorial Click Here
  • To Update from JMARS:
    - In JMARS, locate the "Options" tab at the top of the screen, click it
    - Click "Check for Updates"

    Release Date: 
    Mon, 2017-06-26