This is a large release that includes a lot of new functionality. The highlights? Installers, user-editable documentation, map contours, hundreds of high resolution mosaics, new global maps, and viking stamps can be browsed!

Core Changes

  • JMARS now has installers for Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS-X, and x86 Linux. The installers include all of the JMARS prerequisites (including Java) to make getting JMARS running and crunching data for you as easy as possible.
  • The JMARS wiki is now the JMARS home page. We're working on making user registration easier. For now, if you would like to contribute (and please do!) email us at help@jmars.asu.edu so we can get your account enabled.
  • Users can now contour numeric maps. This feature is not yet fully polished and doesn't provide a lot of options, but it does produce some nice results. For step-by-step instructions on creating contours, see the documentation in the wiki.
  • JMARS has a new layer for browsing the hundreds of 592 ppd mosaics that the Mars Spaceflight Facility has built over the years. It presents the outlines of the available mosaics and allows you to create map layers to view just those mosaics which are useful. A great thanks go to all of those who have contributed their hard work to the community. For an introduction to the new mosaics layer, see our documentation in the wiki.
  • The Viking stamps can now be browsed. Thanks to the ASU Mars Global Data Access project for making this data so easy to access.
  • Users can now control the size of points drawn by a shape layer. In the 'style columns' menu, choose 'point size' and change the value to the desired width and height.

    New Data

  • Added a score of the most gorgeous 'Best of THEMIS' mosaics from the last decade.
  • Added over 100 mosaics of the various MSL landing sites.
  • Added 22 mosaics you may be familiar with from the Carr book.
  • Added the Rogers/Christensen TES group 1/2/3/4 graphic and numeric maps.
  • Added the 2007 Putzig thermal intertia maps.

    Menu Changes

    The menu has been changed to help organize all of this new data more effectively:

  • Eliminated 'graphic maps' and 'numeric maps' menus. When you navigate through the menu down to the map you want, you are given all of the options for that map; when pretty graphic data is available, you can 'view'; when precise numeric data is available you can 'plot', and when both kinds of data are available you have a 'both' option for convenience.
  • Maps are now categorized by instrument (the old way) and by type of information the map contains.
  • The custom maps and advanced maps options were pulled up for more convenient access.
  • 'TES' was moved inside the 'Spectra' menu to make room for other spectral data layers.
  • Several layer names were changed for consistency.

    Improvements and bug fixes

  • The new map layer reads the list of maps faster and more safely.
  • MOC stamp image browsing now takes the user to the global-data page hosted by ASU, since the layout is so much nicer and the images have a nice stretch on them.
  • Closed bug where the shape layer would jump to the front if the mouse touched any part of the main JMARS window.
  • Closed bug where user could add a new layer and it wouldn't get drawn in the correct order with respect to the other layers in JMARS.
  • Release Date: 
    Sat, 2007-12-08