Updates stamp, map, shape layers, in addition to general stability fixes.

General Changes

  • Stability fixes to the lat/lon grid, nomenclature, groundtrack, 3D, graphical map, numeric map, and shape layers.
  • Stability fixes to the smooth panning, session saving, browser launching, and logging (on Windows) features.
  • A documentation effort is underway at the new JMARS wiki. Come and contribute! The wiki lives here: http://jmars.asu.edu/wiki.
  • WebStart users using Windows 2000/XP/Vista can reopen session files by double clicking on them.

    Map/Numeric map Layer Changes

  • The graphic layer can now do HSV/IHS and RGB composites, and linearly stretch raw numeric data, on the fly.
  • The numeric layer has received a major facelift; stability, resolution control, plot styling, export, and zooming have all been substantially improved.

    Shape Layer Changes

  • Shape layer point size can now be set with the 'point size' style column
  • Fixed shape layer failing to redraw main view when re-enabling the main view toggle in the layer manager

    Stamp Layer Changes

  • Stamp offsets are now saved to a central database so you don't need to create a JMARS session to retain them.
  • Stamps may now be filtered by longitude, greatly speeding up the layer when you are focusing on a specific region.
  • Fixed issue preventing access to some of the MOC mission phases.
  • Release Date: 
    Mon, 2007-10-22