This release adds some exciting new features. The stamp layer can render and plot full resolution HiRISE DTMs. The shape layer can now work with circles, and has a vastly improved ESRI shp reader that can handle projected shapefiles and much larger shapefiles. The map window can now be saved to a TIFF or JPEG2000 file. And much more!

Core JMARS Changes

  • The F1-F10 keys may now be used to switch both the layer manager tab and the active layer when the user is focused on the map window. This makes it possible to rapidly interact with different layers without moving the mouse away from the map.
  • There is a new Export Image option in the File menu that may be used to export TIFF, PNM, WBMP, RAW, and JPEG 2000 images.
  • The Add New Layers menu has a new option called "Sessions" that provides access to three preconfigured map layers: 200 meter MOLA contours, HSV of Colorized MOLA over THEMIS day IR, and THEMIS night IR over THEMIS day IR.
  • Command line JMARS users have some new options. A .jlf session file may be provided in the same way a .jmars session file has been. The user can provide a .jlf file and a longitude/latitude to set the layers and the starting position.
  • The status bar that shows longitude and latitude of the mouse cursor now includes the degree symbol after each measurement.
  • A .jmars session file now includes the active layer, so sessions will remember what layer was selected in the layer manager.
  • Fixed function key activation of layers in the layer manager.
  • Fixed issue where toggling the tooltip options in the View menu had no affect on whether tooltips were actually shown.
  • Fixed the View menu's Dock All Tabs option; it was docking tabs in the reverse order they had been in.

Stamp Layers

  • Added full resolution HiRISE DTMs. The DEM shaded relief and individual ortho images for each DEM can be rendered.
  • Stamp layer plot functionality has been extended to work with HiRISE and HRSC data; shift+click on a rendered image to draw a sampling path, and the elevation values under that path will be plotted in a new Chart tab in the stamp layer's focus panel.
  • The stamp layer will now show tooltips of values under the mouse cursor. Hover over an area of interest for a moment and the value will be shown in a popup.

Shape Layer

  • Added support for circles to the shape layer. To create circles, use the new 'Add Circles' context menu option by right clicking on the map. Since few file formats support real circles, a column must be chosen to hold the size of each circle, and the units of the column must be provided. Then just drag the mouse from one edge of the circle to the other. To edit circles, switch to Edit Features mode in the context menu; drag the circle edge to resize, drag the circle interior to recenter. See the 'Edit Circles' option in the Features menu to change the column or units later.
  • Added a shape layer shapefile format called 'geotools shp', that can read and write ESRI shapefiles. Compared with the existing ESRI shapefile format, it solves several problems:
    • It streams from shp and dbf files, so it can read significantly larger files.
    • It reprojects the shapes as necessary to display them in JMARS. It handles most common projections, notably excepting Sinusoidal.
    • Saving shapes back to an existing .shp file that had an associated .prj file when it was loaded will project the vertices of each shape back to the original projection.
    • It supports real boolean values, null values, and is much faster than the old provider.
    • This provider does not have the numerous problems handling float/double values that the old provider has.
    • The old provider has been left intact for this release. Take the opportunity to try the new provider as soon as possible, but if you have any problems, let us know and use the old provider for the time being.
  • Shapes are now indexed. Reprojection and changing the active file can take a little longer but panning and zooming in huge datasets is now much faster.
  • The Z Order menu has a new option "Use Table Order for All Features" that orders all features to match the sort done in the feature table. This allows users to change the order features are rendered and exported to shape files based on the order they appear in the table at the moment this option is chosen.
  • The column editor now validates the columns on every change, and won't let the user hit okay until problems are fixed. It checks for columns with duplicate name and type. For columns with an attached calculator, it ensures there are no impossible dependencies (columns dependent on themselves, columns with missing dependencies, columns with cyclic dependencies, etc.)
  • Deleting a shape layer with unsaved data in it now warns the user before actually deleting the layer.
  • The shape layer is now careful to read only as many shapefiles at one time as the system has CPUs to process.
  • Greatly reduced the amount of memory consumed by the Undo stack.
  • The Column Editor now displays fields for styles, even if they have not been used yet. Note that style fields that have even one value in them must be removed from the style editor and the column editor for the file(s) where that column has actual values.
  • The shape layer status LED now changes to red when a calculated column is computing row values.
  • Calculated fields are now computed off the user interface thread, so JMARS remains responsive while calculating field values.
  • The Z Order menu did the opposite of what it should for the raise/lower actions.
  • Fixed column editor issue where calculators could not be removed from a column except to replace the column with another calculator.
  • Fixed incorrect alternate row shading of the background of checkboxes in the Feature table.
  • Fixed reporting of errors during shape loading errors to describe the most specific cause instead of the first cause, which is often meaningless. We now group errors by file to make it easy to summarize what went wrong when loading many files at once.
  • Fixed issue in the load/save file dialogs where filtering for files that end in a particular suffix (for example .shp) would show files with that suffix anywhere in the name (for example 'test.shp.xml'.)
  • Fixed issue where the panner would be drawn twice after a style change.
  • Fixed not seeing vertices when multiple polygons are selected, even though the vertices could be moved and deleted.
  • Fixed using the default point size when dragging points, instead of the size used for normal rendering.

Crater Layer

  • Craters are now saved to .jmars and .jlf session files.

Map Layer

  • The custom map file upload dialog is now centered properly and the ESC key will close it.

Grid Layer

  • Fixed null pointer exception when changing settings with the panner disabled.
Release Date: 
Fri, 2010-09-03