This release addresses numerous user interface issues, extends KML and CSV support, includes a lookup table operator to aid in symbolizing shape files, and adds a threshold operation to hide map pixels above, at, or below some threshold value.

Core changes

  • The Help menu now has links to the JMARS website forums and release notes.
  • Places menu now has options to export to csv, and back / foreward buttons bound to alt-left and alt-right on the keyboard. There is a history menu as well, so users can visually see where they have been, and like a browser history, use either the back/foreward options or the menu to move around.
  • Added 'export image' option to the File menu that provides some additional options for exporting images.

Shape Layer

  • The feature table is a little more pleasant to look at, and empty cells now show up as the italic text 'null', instead of a dark gray hole in the table.
  • KML reading now handles style maps, multigeometries, styles with missing color attributes, and files in the 2.2 schema.
  • CSV shapes now support saving and loading color and line type columns, as well as line and polygon geometry.
  • Added new 'Lookup Table' as a column type, to simplify table-based symbolizing of shape files. Direct value lookup is useful to generate styles for each shape based on a column that indicates some kind of classification. Breakpoints are useful to symbolically group shapes together that have numerically adjacent values (like representing nomenclature diameter with a set of specific point sizes.) Interpolating tables can be very useful to generate gradient values based on a number column, for example fill color determined by map-sampled thermal inertia.
  • Color transparency may now be set in the feature table and style editor.
  • Shape layers may now be saved in a .jmars session file or jlf file. The untitled collection's contents, which files to reload, auto-calculated column settings, and styles are all saved and restored.
  • Numerous fixes to shape rendering, mouse intersection testing, status LED updates, handling of errors while loading shapes, and the undo feature.
  • Hovering over shapes may now show a popup display of select values from the table for that shape. Use the Tooltips option in the shape layer Settings menu to control the columns to display.
  • Shape scripts now support boolean cells properly, timestamps and dates are treated like strings, and conversion errors are logged to the console.
  • Map sampling now returns null for those rows that do not intersect any valid data.
  • Numerous fixes to the ESRI shapefile reader/writer.

Map Layer

  • Added new threshold operator to the map layer. Use it to cut away values below, at, or above a specific value.
  • Fixed issues retrieving the list of maps on non-English Windows systems.
  • Fixed issues with the custom map server rejecting longitude longitude values where the number for west > east.
  • May now specify ignore values for color maps (like '255,255,0' to make yellow transparent) or to ignore based only on certain bands (like '255,-,-' to ignore pixels where the red component=255, and the other bands may have any value.)

Stamp Layer

  • Queries to the server now avoid locking up the user interface wherever possible.
  • Greatly improved the behavior when restoring saved sessions with stamp layers in them.

Scalebar Layer

  • Now rounds distances to the nearest quarter, and has a new option to align the label left, right, or center.

Crater Layer

  • Fixes issues restoring saved crater layers.
Release Date: 
Mon, 2010-05-17