This release greatly improves the stability and performance of several features in the map, stamp, and shape layers, and adds initial support for reading KML files into the shape layer.

General Changes

  • The Help menu now includes links to the JMARS forums. This forum may be used to get support, suggest features, advertise data products, and to post tips and tricks. The help@jmars.mars.asu.edu address will remain functional, but please consider using the forums instead, since the solution to a problem you have today may be very useful to someone else tomorrow.
  • Distance measurements in JMARS are now reported with more digits of precision when zoomed in so far that the default 2 digits cannot precisely define pixel-by-pixel movement of the mouse.
  • Moving the mouse over the main map view will no longer steal keyboard focus from the lon/lat Location text field.
  • Sorting a table on a string column now sorts the strings in a case-insensitive fashion.

Map Layer

  • Loading the list of maps could occasionally fail on non-English Windows systems, depending on the default language selected. This should now be fixed.

Stamp Layer

  • THEMIS DCS images now require dramatically less memory to render.
  • Color ramps may now be pasted onto any number of selected rendered stamps. This allows setting up the coloring for one stamp, and then easily applying that coloring to all of the other stamps by pressing Copy, selecting the rendered stamps to affect, and then pressing Paste.
  • Fixed issue where stamp layer context menus could lock up JMARS.
  • Fixed issue with unselecting a stamp not clearing the selection outline in some cases.
  • Fixed issues rendering many images with a mixture of image types.

Shape Layer

  • Added experimental support for reading KML files.
  • Added styles to control font family, type, size, fill color, and border color.
  • Added a style to disable outlines around polygons and point boxes.
  • The style editor now allows setting the transparency of colors. This is only available when editing default colors, but is planned for the table editors as well.
  • Made shape selection a little easier on high resolution systems with large monitors.
  • Shape layer editors are now centered over the layer manager.
  • The shape layer column editor will now update all rows by default for all new columns that compute their values, like polygonal area or map sampling. This automatic update can be disabled if the operation should not be done yet.
  • The 'id' field in GML files can now be edited.
  • Several stability fixes to the map sampling feature. Shapes should now sample all pixels they touch.
  • Changed the default CSV shape file delimeter from tab to comma. Davinci and other scripting languages may have to override the delimeter, but Excel and other common csv readers should now just work out of the box.
  • Fixed issue adding duplicate columns in column editor.

Map Scalebar

  • Ruler width will now be a multiple of 2.5 units.
  • The label can now be aligned with the left, right, or center portion of the ruler, and it defaults to 'center'.
Release Date: 
Mon, 2010-03-15