This release adds HiRISE Anaglyphs to the stamp layers, fixes several serious issues in the map and stamp layers, and more.

Core Changes

  • Cleaning the JMARS cache no longer removes the cache directory, allowing it to be symlinked.

    Map Layers

  • Fixed potential deadlock when processing numeric maps.
  • Fixed two stability issues when processing numeric maps with an ignore value.
  • Fixed incorrect brightening of some grayscale maps when not using a color stretcher.

    Stamp Layers

  • HiRISE stamps now have a 3D Stereo Anaglyph rendering option wherever anaglyphs have been made available.
  • Improved performance of stamp processing when using stamps in a map layer.
  • CRISM browse images are grouped into submenus for easier access.
  • Fixed several rendering consistency issues that caused drawing artifacts in some cases.
  • Fixed rare interruption of stamp imagery downloads.
  • Fixed issues getting labels needed to render some stamp types.
  • Fixed issue where cleaning the stamp cache while JMARS is running would break rendered stamps until JMARS was restarted.
  • Fixed several stability issues when using stamps in a map layer.
  • Fixed issue setting status LED back to green if anything goes wrong rendering stamps.

    Shape Layers

  • Upgraded openmap to version 4.6.5. This addresses issues reading ESRI shapefiles with null cells in the dbf table data.
  • Fixed exception when working with multi-segment linestrings more than 180 degrees wide.
  • Release Date: 
    Wed, 2010-01-13