This release includes updated nomenclature data, an option to disable the panner view, TES context import/export options, several fixes to restoring saved JMARS sessions, and a number of other stability and rendering fixes.

Core Changes

  • The View menu has a new option to disable the panner, remembered in $HOME/jmars/jmars.config, and in session files. The panner is still on by default.
  • Replaced the default Java icon displayed in the Mac OS X dock with the JMARS application icon.
  • Fixed session restore logic so a problem in one layer should not interfere with restoring the other layers.

Shape Layer

  • Added table search to the shape layer: sort on the column of interest and just start typing. It handles numbers and strings in an intuitive way. To start over, just wait a few seconds,
  • or press the escape key.
  • Fixed intermittent issues restoring shape layers if they included ESRI shapefiles.
  • Fixed several stability issues in the shape layer script functionaltiy.


  • Updated the nomenclature data from the USGS Gazeteer.
  • Fixed issue with accent characters not showing up properly in labels and descriptions.
  • Fixed bug 1690: nomenclature landmark type selection list had wrong label.
  • Fixed some rendering exceptions.

TES Layer

  • Added import/export/removal of user defined TES Contexts to make it easier to manage and share TES contexts.
  • TES layer now stores more cache on disk.
  • Fixed issue restoring TES sessions.

Lon/Lat Grid Layer

  • Fixed issue where a restored Grid Layer was missing its settings options in the layer manager.

Map Layer

  • Fixed issue restoring map layers that use stamp layers.

Stamp Layer

  • Fixed issue where PBT and CTX images included black areas that were not real data.
Release Date: 
Sat, 2009-11-07