This release of JMARS allows users to pull stamps into HSV or RGB blends in the map layer, to load stamps that overlap stamps in an existing stamp layer, and includes a number of user interface and stability improvements in the crater counting, map, and shape layers, and more.

Stamp Layer

  • Stamp layers may now be used in the Advanced Map dialog. For example, to set up an HSV blend of CRISM over CTX, create a CRISM layer and render some images, create a CTX layer and render some overlapping images, and in the Advanced Dialog, change the map type to HSV and drag those stamp layers into the H, S, and V channels. Be sure to save and reload the stamp layers and map layers together.
  • Stamp layers now allow for selecting stamps and querying for stamp intersections with different instruments.
  • Fixed intermittent issue with stamp tiles only loading the red component of the tile.
  • Fixed issue where changes in the filters could remove rendered stamps.
  • Fixed issue where JMARS sessions with rendered images would restore with the default image type rather than the image type the user selected. For example, saving rendered THEMIS DCS images no longer restore as BTRs.

Crater Counting Layer

  • Color and comment settings are now saved in JMARS sessions and shapefiles.
  • New crater cursor is a hollow ring, and the color may include a degree of translucency.
  • Added simple crater filtering options.
  • Diameter of next crater is drawn next to the mouse cursor, and it is easier to change with the scroll wheel.
  • Various textual and layout improvements.
  • Save/Load dialogs now explicitly default to CSV format.

Map Layer

  • Exported chart values use east-leading longitudes now.
  • While drawing a profile line on the mac, the ESC key now properly undoes the last vertex of the line, and when the profile line is in place, it removes the entire line.
  • Further visual improvements to the custom map dialog.

TES Layer

  • Fixes to support Java 1.6.
  • Added Steve Ruff's DCI settings as new TES contexts.
  • Added description fields where relevant.

Shape Layer

  • Now showing vertices of selected shapes.
Release Date: 
Tue, 2009-10-27