This is a major release, providing a dozen new features all over JMARS and closing over 50 issues. There are two new layers. The map scalebar shows a distance scale bar in the corner of the map. The crater counter provides an efficient user interface for marking craters. The shape layer has a new style editor, a new column editor that can auto calculate lon, lat, area, perimeter, azimuth, or get stats from map layers under each shape, and the layer may now be saved to session files. Stamp layer performance and stability has been greatly improved. THEMIS brightness temperature can be plotted from individual images. There are new color ramps in the map layer's color stretcher. And more!

General JMARS Changes

  • Slightly increased the default sizes of the layer manager and main map windows, and they both have a proper icon.
  • Layer manager now has a drop down menu of options next to each layer; this menu currently allows setting the name of any layer.
  • The arrow keys (left, right, up, down) can now pan the map view properly, and the paging keys (page up, page down) can now zoom the map view properly.
  • Added memory meter to the right of the main window's status bar. It is disabled by default, use the Memory Meter option in the View menu to toggle it.
  • The 'copy' and 'paste' buttons on the color stretcher now function between color stretchers on different layers. This allows copying colors between separate maps, from maps to stamps, etc.
  • Color stretcher has several new color maps from the TES project, and from XV.
  • Can now load color stretcher palettes from an image file like a gif with an internal color palette, or from 256 pixel images where the pixels are a color ramp.
  • The column selection dialogs that appears over various JMARS tables when right clicking on the column headers should now appear directly over the table.
  • The menu options to 'Load Layers...' and 'Save Layers...' now properly show directories.
  • Each layer's alpha slider now has 'opacity %' tooltip to show the 0-100 degree of opacity for that layer
  • Removed special ANSI control characters from JMARS log messages.
  • The File menu options 'Save as JPEG' and 'Save as PNG' now make sure the saved file has the proper extension.

Map Scale Layer

  • This new layer is a simple map scalebar overlaid on the map, with controls to set color, width, ticks, and the user can drag it around to the desired location

Crater Counting Layer

  • This new layer is a specialized user interface for marking craters. Craters may be saved as shapefiles to use in other applications, or in the JMARS shape layer.

Stamp Layers

  • Added feature to sample THEMIS BTR images onto a chart.
  • New feature, still a work in progress, to rapidly filter stamp outlines using slider controls.
  • Right clicking in the longitude filter when creating a stamp layer has a 'MainView' option that automatically crops the layer to the main view at the time the data is loaded.
  • Can now use much larger lists of image IDs when filtering by product ID.
  • Significant performance improvements to image rendering, particularly when working with large numbers of images.
  • The table of rendered images is much more responsive when working with many images.
  • Greatly improved stamp selection performance when working with *many* stamps.
  • Improved behavior of stamp nudging when reprojected near the poles.
  • Improved memory management.
  • Changed the 'copy selected stamps to clipboard' to separate stamp ids with a newline instead of a space.
  • Fix for rendering HRSC images which cross the prime meridian.
  • Fixed stamp layer briefly showing wrong fill alpha when panning the view.
  • Fixed weird stamp behavior when nudging stamps in a polar projection.
  • Fix to prevent stamp table from reseting to the left when rows are selected.
  • Fix for potential login issues that could restrict access to unreleased THEMIS stamps. Added support to JMARS to filter stamp timestamp fields by number of days. THEMIS Stamps can now be filtered by number of days since last changed. Stamp selections are retained when doing a left sort on the rendered stamp tab.
  • Restoring a saved stamp session now repopulates the Query panel with the previously saved search criteria.

Map Layers

  • Cleaned up custom map upload dialog so the labels are clearer, and the defaults are now the typical -180 to 180 lon, -90 to 90 lat.
  • Several stability improvements when retrieving the list of maps from the server, and uploading custom maps to the server.
  • Must now have a numeric layer loaded to start drawing profile lines.
  • Fixed some stability issues in how the map layer gets the list of maps from the server.
  • Fixed issue with the map layer's grayscale operator endlessly rescaling layers with NaNs in them.
  • Fixed several map layer exceptions that could happen in rare cases.
  • Fixed HSV Composite issue on Intel Macs.
  • Cleaning cache now also cleans up the lists of maps available on the WMS map servers.
  • The map layer now shows the amount a user nudged a map.
  • The map source panel now has a button to pan the view to the center of the map, if it only covers part of the planet.
  • Fixed issue with map offset changes on a layer not being immediately reflected in other layers using the same map source.
  • A map source's maximum resolution and nodata values are now shown and can be edited on the map source panel.

Shape Layers

  • Added simple csv point file format to the shape layer
  • Now bundling the Dune Fields shapefile with JMARS, find it by loading the shape layer, and choosing 'USGS Dune Fields' from the File menu.
  • New 'Edit Column...' menu option brings up a new column editor to add and remove columns, attach computation to columns, and selectively recalculating all rows since updates to large shapefiles can be expensive.
  • New 'Edit Styles...' menu option brings up a style editor to directly control what columns are used for the drawing process, so labels, fill color, and other styles can come from any column of the proper type.
  • Added computed column to do map sampling, that gets the min, max, average, sum, or stdev of any numeric map under any shape.
  • Added a computed column for compass bearing that shows the direction a line is going in, in degrees clockwise from north.
  • Shape renderer now updates the map every few seconds during very long renders.
  • Fixed shape layer file chooser not remembering the last file provider used, and now defaults to ESRI shapefiles. The new jmars.config key 'shape.filefactory.default' contains the provider to default to next time the file chooser is opened.
  • Fix for several issues with using Undo after editing cells in the feature table.
  • Fixed several status LED issues.
  • Fixed several undo errors that caused the wrong changes to sometimes be undone.
  • Shape layers may now be saved to session files or JMARS Layer Files. The contents of the untitled collection are saved, the list of files to reload on restore are saved, various settings of the layer are saved, and the current styles are saved. Table settings are planned to be saved in a future release.
  • Added auto calculated field 'Perimeter' that returns the permiter in km.
  • New menu options 'Save Styles...' and a radio group of all saved styles allow easy reuse and switching between styles settings.
  • The layer provides minimal style columns when you just want global settings for all features, and all style columns which mimics the old shape layer behavior (and is the default.)
  • Can now create style columns from within the style editor; for any style, open the field selector, choose the 'create field' option, and enter a new column name.
  • Default line width is now slightly thicker.
  • Loading multiple shape files at once should now happen much more quickly on systems with multiple CPUs and/or CPU cores.
  • Loading large shapefiles should leave the rest of JMARS more responsive than it used to.
  • Any kind of number may now be used for any of the numeric styles (e.g. line width.)
  • Added jmars.config parameter 'shape.chooser.path', that may be set to 'home' (file chooser defaults to the user home directory) or 'working' (file chooser defaults to the working directory JMARS was launched from.)
  • Style columns now stay to the right of the feature table, unless the user moves them elsewhere.
  • Made several minor clarifications in the column and style editors.
  • Fixed issue sorting string columns where some cells are empty.
  • Fixed issue changing the line width.
  • Fixed several exceptions that could occur when rapidly panning or switching between styles.
  • Fixed issue where selecting overlapping features was not picking the one on top.
  • Fixed several issues with the status color not always updating properly.

TES Layer

  • TES data loading now avoids some cases of loading data that wasn't needed.
  • Fixed inability of some users to authenticate with the TES database.

Groundtrack Layer

  • Fixed groundtrack layer issue with very old time ranges.

3D Layer

  • Fixed memory leak in the 3D layer.
Release Date: 
Fri, 2009-09-04