This release adds spectral analysis with the TES instrument, THEMIS derived products in the stamp layer, bookmarking of favorite places, significant performance improvements, closes a number of issues, and much more.

Core Changes

  • New 'Places' menu lets you bookmark and return to favorite planetary locations; organize with labels; edit/remove by right clicking on a place.
  • New 'Save Layers...' and 'Load Layers...' options in the File menu allow reloading groups of saved layers without restarting JMARS.
  • New 'Cache Manager' option in the Help menu lets you to see how much cache JMARS is using, and clean it while JMARS is running.
  • JMARS session files now correctly restore the M and P checkboxes in the layer manager.

    Map Layer

  • New multi-segment profiling feature allows drawing as many connected line segments as you like, and the chart will show the samples from the first point to the last.
  • The Map Layer's chart tab is only present when the user asked for at least one numeric plot.
  • Map layer runs much faster on older systems or large displays.
  • Can now refresh the available maps while JMARS is running; in the Advanced Map Dialog, right click on a server and choose 'Refresh Maps'.
  • Grayscale stage now ignores the background value when doing a linear stretch on numeric maps.
  • User can now specify / override the ignore value to use when doing a linear stretch.
  • The map and chart views now both show a cue of the mouse's position along the profile line in the other view.
  • You can now specify a custom map name different from the name of the file you are uploading.
  • The custom upload file chooser will now remember where it was last used, which is helpful when uploading many files.
  • Can now save maps created from the mosaics layer in JMARS sessions.
  • Maps are now upsampled within JMARS rather than requested from the server far above the resolution of the data, providing a huge speed boost when zoomed in far beyond the resolution of the data.
  • Tile downloads will now wait as long as the user waits, or 10 seconds, whichever comes last, so if the server appears to have stalled, a slight pan will usually wake things up again.
  • Fixed issue with perfectly horizontal profiles not showing results.
  • Fixed issue when restoring session file with deleted map.
  • Fixed issue with the numeric chart always including y=0 in the view range.
  • Fixed issue with the numeric chart only allowing ppd selections < 32 ppd if the profile line was drawn before the chart was actually seen for the first time.


  • Redesigned the filter dialogs and the 'Rendered' tab to be more functional.
  • Added support for rendering THEMIS BWS, PBT, and DCS derived products.
  • THEMIS and MOC stamps can now be filtered by band.
  • Higher resolution versions of CTX and MOC-NA are now available.
  • HiRISE images are now linked directly to the UofA IAS Viewer.
  • Added greatly improved HRSC stamp rendering.
  • Added simple browse pages for CRISM and HRSC stamps.
  • Stamps are now rendered in tiles for better feedback and performance.
  • Improved performance when fetching stamp outlines and rendering large images.
  • Fixed MOC stamps now always being oriented correctly.
  • Fixed table columns being reset when changing stamp filters.
  • Fixed several performance and stability issues in the stamp layers.

    Nomenclature Layer

  • Fixed Nomenclature Layer's "Select All" button not selecting all feature types.
  • Release Date: 
    Wed, 2008-10-29