This release improves THEMIS stamp filtering, adds stamp layers for HiRISE, CTX, MOC WA, and HRSC, removes many limitations from the custom map feature, and fixes a variety of performance and memory issues.

Stamp Layer Changes

  • Can now filter THEMIS stamps on many, many more scientific values such as incidence angle, solar longitude, and surface temperature.
  • New stamp layer for HiRISE images (up to 8192 ppd.)
  • New stamp layer for CTX images.
  • New stamp layer for MOC wide angle images.
  • New stamp layer for HRSC image outlines.
  • Fixed several out of memory errors

    Custom Map Changes

  • Can now provide the lon/lat bounds of maps in simple file formats such as PNG.
  • Can now supply an ignore value for grayscale maps where the background should show through.
  • Multiple custom maps can be uploaded at the same time.
  • Custom maps are now reorganized on the server for much greater tile cutting of large maps.
  • Server will optionally send an email when the map is ready (useful for really large uploads.)
  • User authentication is now more secure
  • Fixed out of memory errors when uploading _really_ large custom maps.
  • Local cache is automatically cleaned when a custom map is deleted or replaced.

    Map Layer Changes

  • Fixed issue with map layers breaking in reloaded JMARS sessions.
  • Fixed issue with HSV and RGB composite maps failing in some cases.
  • Improved approach to downloading map tiles from the map server, boosting numeric map performance in particular.

    Known Issues

  • Some percentage of the MOC stamps are not in the right place, due to some geometry handling issues. We are working to fix the several causes for this.
  • Release Date: 
    Fri, 2008-06-20