Updates to core and map layer.

Core Changes

  • Improved JMARS startup time considerably.
  • The 'help' option jumps directly to the JMARS help website.
  • Added new 'View Log' feature to help users keep track of problems from session to session, and to let users look at the JMARS command line output when there isn't a command line.
  • Added new 'Report a Problem' feature to let users easily send the JMARS support team simple problem reports that include any errors that have been occurring.

    Map Layer Changes

  • Map layers now appear as soon as they are picked from the menu, and have a title of 'Loading...' until the server starts sending data.
  • Fixed drag and drop in the Advanced Maps dialog so the first click can initiate the drag.
  • Numeric maps in the 'Add New Layer' menu now have a new 'Contour' option that should make contouring those products very easy.
  • Release Date: 
    Tue, 2008-03-18