Pixel Export

Pixel Export is a tool that allows you to export the pixel values under a line, point or polygon for the map of your choice into a csv file. You can export pixel values for stamps and/or maps. The tool also allows the user to export the pixel values for more than one map at a time as long as the ppd is the same for each map. Below is a short tutorial on how to use the tool.

How to Export Pixels:

  • Add a polygon, point or line to your main view. This is the desired area that you would like to have the pixel data for.

  • pixel1
  • Right click --> Select Feature and select the shape that you would like. The shape will be outlined in yellow when it is selected.

  • Image: pixel2_selected
  • Right click the screen --> Polygon Functions --> Export Pixels Data for Polygon
  • The Pixel Data CSV Export dialog box will open and there are many options to chose from.

  • Image: pixelExportDialog

  • Select Columns to Export: Select the boxes you would like to export per pixel. Default option is to export Pixel ID, Latitude, Longitude for each pixel.
  • Add Numeric Columns to Export: Add the map you would like to export pixel data for. Click "Add Source..."

  • Image: exportDialogSelected

  • Multiple maps can be exported at one time. This will add all of your data to one csv, separated by column.

  • Image: exportDialog_maps

  • When all of the maps are added and the ppd is selected, click "Select File" to name your csv and to select a location to save it to. When ready, click the "save" button to finish the process.

  • Image: exportDialog_save

  • An example of a saved csv file export is below. Here, the Pixel ID, Latitude, Longitude, Mola Elevation, and the yearly Mars surface temperature (min) were exported per pixel.

  • Image: exportCsv